The Importance Of Education In 21st Century

The importance of education in today's world

In today’s world, the importance of education has become necessity just like house, clothes and daily bread for survival. It helps in acquiring skill sets, which you can sell to make a living. It teaches and trains you to handle responsibilities in any situation. Along with stability, it also provides for financial security. Education helps … Read more

Global Market for Online Education in India

A Global Market for Online Education in India

It is reminiscent of the bustle on the ancient Silk Trading route, connected east to west – a market filled with eager participants of all life buying goods around the world. The platform is a bit different except: Canadian company SKILLSdox has taken its marketplace online, and they are set to fund millions of students … Read more

Transformation of Education in India – Vedic Tradition, Women’s Education


The education system in India goes a long way for development – from Vedic days to around 1700 BCE, to today’s computer age and e-learning. Overall, Indian tradition has always given special importance to education. The Vedic Tradition The Vedas were the main repositories of knowledge and by oral tradition, teaching was mainly carried out … Read more

10 Facts About Education in India

10 Facts About Education in India

1. Considering India has the second largest population in the world, it isn’t surprising to find that India has the world’s second-largest school system , after China. However, there is still a gap in participation rates despite the millions of enrolled students. These gaps are particularly evident among populations of lower castes, minorities, and rural regions. … Read more

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