Use of Machine Learning to Reduce Carbon Emissions in the Trucking Industry

Machine Learning to Reduce Carbon Emissions

In 2019, cargo trucks contributed 23% to greenhouse gas emissions in 2019, and in the region, transportation contributes a total of 28% of those emissions. Shared truck load at less than load (LTL) freight, which allows multiple shippers to share space in a full semi-truck, can reduce carbon emissions, according to Lu Sainz, VPL of … Read more

Learning Opportunity – How to Work Online for your Company this Year

How to work online for your company this year

Soon after the arrival of the covid-19 pandemic on US shores, schools closed as administrators and parents prepared for digital classrooms. Unfortunately, many of those teachers and concerned parents found the nationwide online learning experiment to be a struggle. The consensus now seems to be growing that schools across the country have started the new … Read more

Learn to Host an Online Conference

Learn to Host an Online Conference

With the need to stop in-person conferences and events, many nonprofits have had to get creative. Since our own nonprofit was already trying Facebook live events and zoom calls, we decided to host our annual conference online in a webinar format, to see if we could continue on a separate channel Can. Our online conference … Read more

How to Keep Children Healthy During The Pandemic

Children Healthy During The Pandemic

The stakes for this race have never been higher: At the height of the COVID-19 lockdown earlier this year, more than 90 percent of the world’s children and youth – about 1.6 billion – were out of school. This unprecedented disruption of education has particularly disrupted the lives of the most vulnerable and marginalized communities, … Read more

How can we learn to lead a startup during COVID-19

How can learned to lead a startup during COVID-19

Our way of working (among many other things) has changed dramatically since March. I still remember the discussion about closing our offices. Our distributed team faced uncertain challenges despite already being prepared to work remotely. While the rest still finds a way for all of us to go before working face-to-face, this year has already … Read more

Learn how the Internet of Things is changing the fight against climate change

Learn how the Internet of Things

This was at the 21st Conference of Parties (COP21), when history was made that almost the entire world had signed the historic Paris Climate Agreement to combat the change of injuries. Since the 2015 agreement, COP21 is the most important business-focused event, driving sustainable growth and advancing the “green economy”. Germany’s renewable energy leader KaiserWriter … Read more

Why skill learning is the future of work

New Future of Learning

The performance of entire organizations often depends on whether they can adapt to the rapidly changing changes in the world of information technology. Nevertheless, most businesses are hard pressed to help employees accelerate to the latest technology and acquire new emerging skills. As the future of work continues to evolve and the pace of change … Read more

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