Cyber ​​Security Professionals Can Earn $ 100,000 / Year – Here’s how to pivot with a learning approach

Cyber ​​Security Professionals

Cyber ​​Security – While cybersecurity jobs are growing rapidly and exhibit high wage growth, many are bullied because of the perception that these jobs require significant technical skills. However, evidence of aggressive security suggests that a growth mindset is far more important: technical information comes and goes, but the attitude remains the same. Cyberspace remains … Read more

Machine Learning – How to Boost 5G Network Performance

Machine Learning

The conversion from 3G to 4G over the past few years saw the deployment of more cells in various form factors, as well as new technologies, such as carrier aggregation and full-packet switching, made 4G networks more efficient than 3G. Made efficient Made complicated. More complex but still manageable. More equipment, more advanced technology, more … Read more

Advanced Java Enum Features You Need to Know

Advanced Java Enum Features

Java’s enum is more powerful than you think. It’s a first-class citizen in Java and even supports functional programming. Frequently, I find myself using enums in Java to represent a set of potential values for something. The ability to determine at compile-time what values a type can have is a powerful capability, it gives structure … Read more

Tips to change your coding skills forever

Tip changed your coding skills

Once we are able to develop a solid grip over logic building skills, then learning to code becomes easy. In my opinion, actual confidence in programming comes by developing the skill of logic building. It doesn’t require much technical baggage. Some of the important tips to improve your coding. 1. Patience and Practice These are … Read more

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