Why skill learning is the future of work

The performance of entire organizations often depends on whether they can adapt to the rapidly changing changes in the world of information technology. Nevertheless, most businesses are hard pressed to help employees accelerate to the latest technology and acquire new emerging skills.

As the future of work continues to evolve and the pace of change in technology continues to accelerate, the value of learning – and further, the value of continuous learning – becomes more important than ever. So how do leaders not only encourage learning in their teams, but also promote a culture of learning that serves as the foundation of the entire organization?

To explore this topic and solve this problem, I recently spoke with Shelley Osborne, vice president of learning at learn4skill, an online learning platform company that has hired – and has – numbered 130,000 students worldwide. Courses offered.

Learning is a process, not an endpoint

Many feel that once they get a degree or two, it becomes what it takes to find and keep a job. But, if it was ever true (doubtful), it is certainly no longer the case. The reality is that for any career to progress, people need to constantly learn and adapt to never-ending shifts in job needs and newly emerging skills.

Learning is a process, not an endpoint

“Lifelong learning is managing a new concept, but real acceptance and adoption of the notion that education is inherently embedded from childhood to the end,” Osborne says.

Yes, individuals should climb the board, but organizations definitely need to step up their game.

“A learning culture mindset should be prioritized to be rooted in the foundation of a business and to make organizations successful and new,” she notes. And, leaders at all levels of the organization – including but not limited to the Chief Learning Officer – must ensure that employees not only have the resources to acquire new skills, but to actively use those resources Is encouraged by.

“People are usually open to learning, but the challenge is that they don’t think they have to be open to learning,” says Osborne. Much attention is paid to what she calls “agility” – skills people need to develop successfully or adapt to fast-paced innings.

Change is coming at us faster than ever

Prior to this year, people were already concerned about the adoption of AI, robotics and other technologies, which they saw as a threat to their livelihoods.

For organizations, this is an important opportunity to encourage their teams to adopt a learning mindset and move through their challenges. Business leaders need to encourage and adopt a growth mindset to build this culture among their teams. And then, it all starts with learning skills related to changing agility.

It is one thing to see change as an opportunity as well as a threat that people can do to maintain their balance. To that end, companies should focus on understanding how people respond to the changes and presentations needed to add new capabilities, whether it is for remote work, or to learn a new programming language or software program Be for

“We can provide resources to help people navigate the changing waters. If they can always learn nothing in panic, fight-or-flight, mode, ”Osborne notes.

Getting ready for a new future of learning

The future of learning is not only going to change the future of work, but also the traditional way of learning and education.

new future of learning

I agree with him that this mixed model of both learning and work has the potential to bring meaningful change. It is one thing to recruit people who value continuing learning, but building the true culture of learning within an organization has the greatest impact. Osborne is hoping that with the help of his new book, organizations will start thinking differently about learning.

As she notes, “Traditional learning was created for a world that believed we wanted to live more now.” The future of learning and work requires change, and it is happening now.

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