The Importance Of Education In 21st Century

In today’s world, the importance of education has become necessity just like house, clothes and daily bread for survival. It helps in acquiring skill sets, which you can sell to make a living. It teaches and trains you to handle responsibilities in any situation. Along with stability, it also provides for financial security.

Education helps you realise your true potential, it empowers you to do more than you thought you could ever do. The importance of education is well-supported by a speech made by US President Barack Obama in his national address to students across the nation, he said: “… Every single one of you has something that you’re good at. Every single one of you has something to offer. And you have a responsibility to yourself to discover what that is. That’s the opportunity an education can provide.” The process of discovering what’s within never ends.

Education does not end with your school and college. It’s a never ending process. People often confuse literacy with education. Anyone who can read or write can be considered a literate person but an educated person is one who thinks logically, doesn’t fear to question anything or anyone, could think and plan for future learning for his as well as others experiences from the past.

Educated people holds the top position or elevate themselves to the higher rank through their knowledge, where as uneducated mostly ends up at lower level or working for the educated ones. Most people living in poverty fails to understand that the best way towards a better life is to get themselves educated because it is the only skillset that know one can steal from you and you can make use of it wherever you are to survive.

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